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Notices from the IRS

IRS Criminal Investigation office is currently being inundated with reports of the latest scam whereby a fraudster poses as the CEO of a company and requests that an employee(s) provide all employees’ current year W-2 information to him/her.  The fraudster then uses the information to commit tax-related identity theft.

The IRS Criminal Investigation office has asked that we alert our clients about this scam. 

This year, all taxpayers with health insurance must have form 1095 A, B or C for their tax return.  You do not have to file it with your return.

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  1. The set-up fees for an Installment Agreement with the IRS to pay off your tax liability in payments has changed from $ 225 to $ 120.
  2. The previous set number of months to pay off a tax liability through an Installment Agreement was 60 months, it is now 72 months. If your tax liability is under $10,000 it is automatically approved.
  3. There is a way for us to report the scam numbers claiming to be the IRS and demanding payment. We just need to get the phone number of the person calling with the scam and we can report it through the IRS website.  This will help delay the scammers process.
  4. Important: Some of our staff recently participated in an IRS webinar regarding federal withholding with the new tax laws. It is very important to check your recent pay stubs to verify you’re withholding enough federal tax. The IRS website has a a tool called a withholding calculator. Anyone can access the website, answer a few questions, and see what they should be claiming on their W-4 forms. However, like always, feel free to contact our office and staff to do the check for you. Please pass this information along to all of your employees.

What you need to bring to have your taxes done:

Social Security Cards

Picture IDs

Mailing address and phone numbers

Bank account info (for refunds)

W2s & 1099s

Interest and all other income

1098 Mortgage Interest paid

Child care paid (provider name, ID#, address)

Other Deductions

Medical Insurance

Other Medical Expenses

Real Estate Taxes

Personal Property Taxes

Charitable Donations (cash and check)

Property Donations (garage sale stuff)

Work Expenses (tools, uniforms, licenses, mileage)(only if Schedule C)

If in doubt, just bring it with you


ATMS has been very helpful to me and my business.  I was very thankful to find ATMS. They took my books and made sense out of them. They got me into software that works and helps me keep track of things. As the business grew, it could have become unmanageable, but ATMS helped get me on the right track!

They have also been courteous and helpful and very professional. They understand the rules and have helped me to remain ethical in the way I manage my books. I appreciate their guidance.

Suzan David

Owner, Bluff City Communications

I have had the pleasure of working with Kerri Cuff and her staff at ATMS, LLC for the past twenty-two years. I live in the Dallas Forth Worth area, however my business is in Marshfield, MO. Kerri and her staff pay all my computer bills, do the payroll, collect the rent, and do my personal and business taxes.

ATMS, LLC is not only professional, they are extremely outstanding in their day to day business dealings with me. I could not run my business without their services and I highly recommend ATMS, LCC for you!

Melissa Ostendorf

Owner, Marshfield Center

I am writing to express my appreciation for the business and professional relationship our company has enjoyed with you and the entire ATMS team for the past 10 years. We appreciate your professional approach to the business community and the way you have related to us as a supplier.

Thank you again for allowing our company to partner with you. We appreciate your business and look forward to growing with you in 2015 and beyond.

Don Chilton

ATMS is in continued pursuit of market excellence. They regularly participate in industry trainings and development organizations. They also feature an informational website demonstrating their grasp on industry-specific topics that are relevant to their customers and the community at large. They work to be leaders in their industry.

The staff of ATMS are great people. The office environment is professional and up-beat. Smiles and encouragement abound. We enjoy every visit to their office.

Scott A. Jones