As an employer I am so happy to say that I have the best staff ever. I’ve had many that have come and gone in the last 23 years of ATMS, however, today my staff and their family members steped up huge and moved us into our new office in 3 and 1/2 hours! Thanks Destiney for cracking the whip…lol. ATMS is now in their new location and I’m so proud to say without my family, friends and a great staff being behind me it couldn’t happen. After all, this journey all started with the 2 best people in my life, my MOM and DAD!
Family and friends please come see us at our new location 740 W. Battlefield Rd. Thanks you ATMS family as I feel you are more than a staff but great friends! Merry Christmas to them and all the amazing clients that we have!!!

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