1. The set-up fees for an Installment Agreement with the IRS to pay off your tax liability in payments has changed from $ 225 to $ 120.
  2. The previous set number of months to pay off a tax liability through an Installment Agreement was 60 months, it is now 72 months. If your tax liability is under $10,000 it is automatically approved.
  3. There is a way for us to report the scam numbers claiming to be the IRS and demanding payment. We just need to get the phone number of the person calling with the scam and we can report it through the IRS website.  This will help delay the scammers process.
  4. Important: Some of our staff recently participated in an IRS webinar regarding federal withholding with the new tax laws. It is very important to check your recent pay stubs to verify you’re withholding enough federal tax. The IRS website has a a tool called a withholding calculator. Anyone can access the website, answer a few questions, and see what they should be claiming on their W-4 forms. However, like always, feel free to contact our office and staff to do the check for you. Please pass this information along to all of your employees.