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Bookkeeping Professionals

Accounting Taxes & Management Services (ATMS) was founded in May of 1994 by Kerri L. Cuff with the purpose of helping small to medium sized businesses (SMB’s) navigate the difficult highways of bookkeeping and taxes.

Cost Effective Services

ATMS is the professional and cost effective bookkeeping answer for the small or medium business. In most situations, the expense of having an accountant or bookkeeper on staff is:

  • substantially higher than outsourcing to ATMS because
  • the client does not accrue the overhead costs of a full-time bookkeeper  yet,
  • the business owner receives personalized, professional bookkeeping service from ATMS

Do you need a CPA?

Many new business owners think they have to have a CPA prepare their work. However, the small to medium-sized business can’t afford the high price of a CPA.  It makes sense to have a bookkeeper who understands the needs of the small business owner.  ATMS employs degreed and experienced bookkeeping professionals. We also have on staff an enrolled agent with the Internal Revenue Service.

In an article in Entrepreneur Magazine, it was estimated that there is a 35% savings of having a bookkeeping service compared to a CPA.

Grow the business or do the books?

“Do I have the time and the expertise to do my own books?  Would I be better off having a professional handle them?”  The answer is that doing your own books is going to require a lot of extra time which has to come from somewhere.  Hiring ATMS just makes sense.

Experience Counts

With more than 20 years of helping clients ATMS has the experience from helping prepare your start-up paperwork and helping with the Small Business Administration to your on-going bookkeeping needs.

ATMS invoices their business clients on a flat fee schedule based upon the services they choose. This enables you to budget for a reasonable monthly expense.