Kerri Cuff


Kerri L. Cuff founded ATMS in 1994 to support small to medium size businesses with their accounting and tax needs. As the daughter of a small business owner in Kennett, she realized most small to medium sized businesses could not afford the high cost of a large accounting firm or a full-time CPA. She also saw that most small to medium size businesses don’t have enough work to employ a full time accountant or bookkeeper, therefore out-sourcing the accounting and taxes is a more cost effective option.

Armed with a Bachelor of Business Management degree from Missouri State University, her career began with 11 years in banking before accepting a position with a private accounting firm for 7 years.

As president of ATMS for the past 21 years, she has participated in all areas of business accounting and taxes. She has also completed many audits for companies. In one of the biggest audits she conducted, Kerri and her staff uncovered an embezzlement scheme of over $250,000. She was instrumental in assisting her client in the prosecution of that employee.

Based on her years of banking experience, Kerri is able to guide her clients in the preparation of loan proposals for banks and the SBA.

She is a registered agent by the Missouri Secretary of State.

Assisting businesses in the formation of LLC’s and corporations are just two areas of her expertise.

Kerri is the proud owner of two small dogs of unknown origin who are her shadows.