30 Year Anniversary of Accounting Tax Management Services (ATMS)!

Thirty years ago, May 1993, Kerri Cuff set out to make a dream come true. With her background in banking and business and with the support of her parents, L.C and Barbara Cuff, Kerri launched her own company, Accounting Tax Management Services (ATMS). And it all began in a spare bedroom in her home.

“As the owner of ATMS, it is so hard to believe that I have been in business for 30 years today,” Kerri said. “It started from a small house bedroom floor in Nixa, Missouri to several other offices along the way to the office that I built on Battlefield Road with the encouragement of my parents, who knew that I needed to be on a main street.

Being in business, as I realize all business owners know, is not the easiest thing to do. However, I learned early in life watching my parents in business to always surround yourself with good people. I feel fortunate that I have always followed that route. I will admit, there were a few that didn’t work out along the way that I parted ways with. There have been so many more that were and are the best ever people you would want to meet.”

Kerri has no regrets. “There have been so many positives over any negatives,” she said. “If anyone would ever want you to think there is no negatives, it’s not true. I only learned from the negatives. I have been blessed with so many more positives starting with my clients and my staff.”

Kerri started ATMS in May of 1993 as Accounting Taxes & Management Services, Inc. “I bet so many, especially the ones that answer the phones, love that I rebranded with a new name ATMS, LLC,” she said. “The story is simple, I started the business in the floor of a bedroom in my house without any clients already signed on with two very good friends that are still part of my life, but they went on to have families and their lives moved them away. So once we got our first client it felt like a holiday. To look back on that day and look at where ATMS is now, I smile a huge smile. With the people that surround me on this day, it makes me so happy to know that they will be by my side hopefully for another 30!”

Without those employees and clients, Kerri says she wouldn’t be where she is today. “Thank you to all the clients from the past, current, and the clients I look forward to meeting in the future,” she said. “Thank you to all the professional people that have been with me all along, my banker, insurance agent, investment broker, real estate agent, vendors, technology company, lawyer and all others for the faith you show. My staff, from the past and now, how do I even begin to tell you how much you are a major part of ATMS and the clients? I know you have become the client’s friends, which says a lot about your integrity that they would believe in you like I do.”

In the beginning, Kerri saw a niche that wasn’t being filled. No one was offering the line of services ATMS does. Realizing that small to medium sized businesses couldn’t often afford an accountant full time or an expensive firm, Kerri set out to make her business unique. She would offer a place for businesses to outsource their accounting and taxes, and created a menu type list of services where a business could pick what service they need. While one business might need help with payroll and quarterly taxes, another might need assistance with invoicing and billing and setting up their corporation.
A graduate of Missouri State’s University, Kerri spent 11 years in banking followed by seven years in an accounting firm before launching ATMS.

Kerri has assisted clients with disputes and audits with the IRS, assists clients with loans,connecting clients with attorneys and bankers to help with all aspects of business. There is an IRS Enrolled Agent on staff, Jennifer Buss, to help clients navigate issues with the IRS, should they come up.

Melissa Ostendorf has been an ATMS client from the beginning. She is the owner of Marshfield Center, a family-founded shopping center in Marshfield. “I trust and rely on ATMS for all my business needs,” said Melissa, who lives in Dallas, Texas. “I depend on Kerri and her staff to give me the peace of mind that my company is in good hands. Everyone at ATMS is professional, courteous and helpful. ATMS is by far the best company I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them.”

Kerri adds, “Lastly, to my family and friends, thank you for all your support and love. I would not be here 30 years later without everyone mentioned here. Happy Anniversary ATMS! You feel like a baby to me that I love with all my heart. Here’s to another unlimited number of years that this company has to give back to these wonderful communities of Springfield, Marshfield and El Dorado Springs.”

Kerri Cuff

It was 25 years ago when Kerri Cuff decided she would rather be an entrepreneur than spend her career in banking.   More…

Jennifer Buss

Jennifer Buss has spent the last five years as an Enrolled Agent (EA), tax preparer and accountant for ATMS. More…

Destiney Ganzer

Administrative Assistant and Payroll Clerk Destiney Ganzer is the person most likely to greet you at the office or on the phone.  More…

Laura Scott

Laura Scott joined ATMS in April of 2018 as marketing director. She works on promoting the business, recruiting new clients and giving the company name recognition by handling all marketing and promotions for the company. More…